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How we keep your pet safe!

Here at Åska we take many precautions in order to keep your pet safe. We want you to know what we do so you can feel more secure with leaving your pet in our hands. We start with a clean environment. We use animal safe products that also kill all bacteria that can be transmitted from pet to pet. It even kills the flu virus. We use this on everything a dogs feet or body touches. We also clean our grooming tools often to help not spread any illness. When it comes to interaction with other pets, we don’t allow it unless its between two dogs within the same family. This ensures that your pet is safe from any illness but also from any scruffs that could possibly happen between dogs.

We do kennel dry some dogs. We only do it if the dog does not do well with dryer or to help dry faces since that is an area that dogs don’t like the dryer going near. We do not use a heated kennel dryer. Ours uses room temperature to dry the dog. Also, all dogs are monitored at all times. Most dogs don’t need kennel drying at all, but if we feel using the high velocity dryer can cause severe anxiety we will decide to use the kennel dryer.

At Aska we want dogs to be stressed free while being groomed, and for dogs that do have issues we will slowly work with them on those issues.

If you have any questions, just comment or email them to us.

Welcome to ÅSKA!

Hello Pet lovers,

This blog will contain all sorts of cute, funny, and education posts about pets. At Åska Pet Spa we not only want to serve our clients and there pets with a cute hair cut and bath, but also help our clients learn the best and easiest way to take care of there pets coat needs. We will have have posts about brushes and combs, what goes on during the grooming process(includes our own cute photos), shaving a double coated breed, de-matting, pictures and stories about dogs we groomed for rescues, and much more. If you are ever interested in learning a specific thing about grooming or animals in general just send us an email. We will do our best to get you the information you need.